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The electric wheelchair is a motorized wheelchair equipped with wheels and a set of batteries to provide the required power to move the wheelchair in the desired direction, causing less physical exertion. These chairs do not require any human assistance for mobility.

These Wheelchairs can be propelled by a motor & battery therefore also known as power motorized or electric wheelchairs. These wheelchairs have a joystick to control them as required.

A motorized wheelchair can be of great use for those wheelchair users who find it difficult to move their chairs manually. These wheelchairs offer numerous features like the ability to fold without battery removal, reclining backrests, comfortable seats, and armrests that can be adjusted in height.

Above all, we guarantee to give you quality electric wheelchairs. We produce the most effective seating systems for wheelchairs, and we guarantee your satisfaction. We are known for our best electric wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use.

Electric Wheelchair
Electric Wheelchair

We are one of the best electric wheelchair manufacturers, suppliers & sellers in PAN India. For more details, you can connect with your nearest dealers of Esleh Wheelchair. Above all, we guarantee to give you quality motorized wheelchairs. We produce the most effective seating systems for wheelchairs, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Affordable electric wheelchairs with lead-acid batteries and motorized wheelchairs with lithium-ion battery prices vary, so you can select accordingly. Motorized wheelchair price also depends on various other factors like the frame of the body, driving range, head support, the battery used, type of brakes, type of wheels, etc.

Why Electric Wheelchairs in India is more in demand?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15% of the global population suffers from some sort of disability, of which about 2–4% of the population is functionally dependent on caregivers.

The increase in disabilities is due to the rise in the elderly population, chronic diseases like Arthritis, pressure sores, etc., and physical injuries. Thus, hospitals and healthcare facilities use electrical wheelchairs to improve the welfare of patients and healthcare workers. Also, electrical wheelchairs are used in homecare settings to transfer patients comfortably from one place to another. Thus, the demand for electrical wheelchairs is higher in India.

Furthermore, an increase in cases of accidents leads to more demand for electric wheelchairs. Motorized wheelchairs help to safely and comfortably transfer patients from one location to another. However, inaccessibility to quality healthcare and infrastructure in developing regions is impeding the motorized wheelchair market growth. Inaccessibility to quality healthcare facilities and supply chains is likely to hamper the procurement of this equipment.

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Electric Wheelchair FAQs

What are the features to consider while buying a Motorized Wheelchair in India?

The things to keep in mind while buying an electric wheelchair are:

  1. Price
  2. Battery
  3. Frame material
  4. Comfort features like reclining backrest, Height adjustable armrest, swing away/foldable footrest, etc.
  5. Driving range
  6. Warranty

How much does a premium electric wheelchair cost in India?

The premium motorized wheelchair segment has a broader range of prices. Electric wheelchair price in India, specifically in the premium segment ranges between 2,50,000 – 8,00,000 INR.

What is the average driving range of a motorized wheelchair?

The average driving range of an electric wheelchair ranges between 12-30 Kmph. Some models possess 12-20kmph of driving capacity and few have a driving range up to 30kmph.

How much does it cost to buy a motorized wheelchair in India at an affordable cost?

Electric wheelchairs come in various price segments in India. In the affordable price segment, the electric wheelchair price in India falls in the range of 45,000 – 60,000 INR.

What are the batteries available for electric wheelchairs in India?

As far as batteries are concerned lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are used in electric wheelchairs. Lithium-ion batteries are far better than lead acid. They are lightweight, have high energy density, and take less time to charge.

How much does an Esleh electric wheelchair cost in India?

Esleh electric wheelchair price in India ranges as low as 55,000 and can go up to 95,000. Price varies with the additional features. The cost increases when features and comfort increase.

How long do electric wheelchair batteries last?

Motorized wheelchair batteries last up to 1.5 to 2 years. After that, the user must need to replace the battery. Also, on average, the battery can work up to 8 hours once fully charged.

How fast do motorized wheelchairs go?

The maximum speed of a motorized wheelchair depends on various factors like the type of terrain on which the wheelchair is being used and the weight of the user. The average maximum speed of electric wheelchairs is between 6 mph to 9 mph. Thus our electric wheelchair can be used indoor & outdoor.