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Electric Wheelchair in Nepal

Mobility aids are quite significant in the lives of people with disabilities as these allow them to move freely and regain their independence. Electric wheelchair manufacturers in India, among the various available options, have gained a lot of recognition.

Here at Esleh, we can fit you with an electric wheelchair that suits your needs. We offer a wide variety of electric wheelchairs in Nepal from leading manufacturers that are fully customizable as per your preferences.

What are the advantages of electric wheelchairs over manual wheelchairs?

Electric wheelchairs offer several advantages over manual wheelchairs:

  • The ability to be independent and accessible: Electric wheelchairs offer greater accessibility for individuals with a disability. Such assistive devices boast increased mobility, making it easier for users to navigate diverse terrains with ease. Manual wheelchairs necessitate substantial upper body strength, while electric wheelchairs are powered thereby minimizing the physical exertion required. Thus personal autonomy and freedom are heightened which enables users to explore their surroundings and reduce their dependence on others independently.
  • Easy to use: One of the prominent benefits of electric wheelchairs is their intuitive controls, thus making them user-friendly. A new user can navigate a mobility aid with ease and minimal skill requirements. The use of electric wheelchairs is simpler and provides a less physically demanding mode of transportation.
  • A healthy and comfortable lifestyle: Electric chairs offer multiple benefits overall. This mobility device minimizes the risk of physical strain as well as injuries. Electric wheelchairs protect the musculoskeletal health of users in the long run by eliminating strain, unlike manual wheelchairs that require repetitive pushing. These wheelchairs come in comfortable designs that provide posture support and customization options for maximum individual comfort. All these features boost the quality of life as well as mental well-being.
  • Increases productivity: While using an electric wheelchair, one gets the freedom to improve their productivity in daily life. One can flawlessly perform all tasks and activities with increased efficiency, whether at home or outside. From shopping to work activities and social interactions, electric wheelchairs are the best mobility devices that promote active participation. This increase in productivity not only contributes to overall satisfaction but also fosters a profound sense of achievement.
  • Safe and reliable: Safety is a significant factor when considering mobility aids, and electric wheelchairs at Esleh stand out in this aspect. These assistive devices effectively minimize the risk of accidents due to the smooth and stable movement. Esleh electric wheelchairs are equipped with built-in safety features such as anti-tip mechanisms and obstacle detection systems, which further improve user security.
  • Electric wheelchairs are known to offer reliable battery life, ensuring that one can rely on mobility aids throughout the day. Regular maintenance and servicing are also simple thereby contributing to the overall trustworthiness of such assistive devices.
  • Cost Considerations: Although the upfront expense of electric wheelchairs is more, compared to manual ones; one must consider the long-term advantages and cost-effectiveness. Certain insurance policies might cover electric wheelchairs, and reimbursement alternatives might also be available. As users gain more independence and require less assistance, there is no need to invest in caregiver costs.

Electric Wheelchair Price in Nepal

The cost of an electric wheelchair in Nepal can vary depending on the model and features. Prices generally range from a few thousand INR to 1.5 Lakh INR for more advanced models.

When to Opt For An Electric Wheelchair in Nepal

When the upper body strength is limited

People who have limited upper body strength, like those dealing with muscular dystrophy, advanced multiple sclerosis, or severe arthritis, often face severe challenges when it comes to physically operating a manual wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs, in such cases especially, offer great ease by eliminating the need for heavy pushing. This allows users to save their energy and be independent.

Need to eliminate the trouble of covering long distances manually

Manual wheelchairs create difficulty in the case of long-distance travel. Electric wheelchairs are travel-friendly and stand out in such situations, providing improved mobility and removing fatigue. With full comfort and efficiency, one can effortlessly cover more ground, making travel experiences more easy and enjoyable.

Need to handle uneven terrain

An electric wheelchair is designed with a powerful motor and a suspension system that allows the vehicle to navigate uneven surfaces smoothly. This makes the device perfect for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, etc. Unlike manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs are ideal for handling rough or uneven terrains thereby ensuring a smooth experience.

In case there is a need to make a limited use of hands

In case someone is dealing with spinal cord injuries or neurological conditions, they may face difficulties in effectively operating a manual wheelchair. In such situations, an electric wheelchair comes in handy as it is equipped with user-friendly joystick control that enables individuals with limited dexterity to navigate their surroundings with proper accuracy.

In case there are medical conditions requiring rest

Often, certain medical conditions require periods of rest from physical exertion. Electric wheelchairs offer the flexibility to switch between manual and power modes. This allows users to save their energy during situations that may cause fatigue while maintaining their mobility all along.

Order the Best Electric Wheelchair in Nepal

Overall, the features of an electric wheelchair will depend on the model, but these mobility devices offer a range of features to improve mobility and provide additional comfort and support for individuals with mobility impairments. Order your Electric Wheelchair in Nepal today