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Esleh Palmchat Electric Wheelchair

Esleh PalmChat Electric Wheelchair:

  • PG VIS controller as a driving control device for electric wheelchair
  • Low noise (less than 60 decibels) output torque is large, which can meet the long-term climbing; 200W*2, with hand/electric switching function, convenient power failure implementation, high reliability;
  • The armrest of the wheelchair can be lifted backwards, which is convenient for the wheelchair to lean against the workbench or dining table
  • The foot pedal of the wheelchair can be rotated 90 degrees or removed
  • 5 gears of transmission, maximum speed of 6KM/H
  • Simple structure, strong power, electromagnetic brake (automatic braking for parking, parking can be parked at half-slope).
  • Suitable for people with leg disabilities and the elderly with limited mobility
Name Parameter
Total Width 63 cm
Total Height 91 cm
Folding Width 34 cm
Seat Width 46 cm
Seat Depth 40 cm
The Seat is High Above the Ground 50 cm
The Foot Pedal is High from the Ground 10 cm
Back Height 45 cm
Front Wheel Diameter 20 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 30 cm
All up Weight 130 Kg
Net Weight 56.6 Kg
Brand Esleh

Esleh Palmchat Wheelchair Performance and Structural Features:

The implementation standard of special functions is formulated by our company itself, and its structural characteristics are as follows:

  • Frame: is formed by high-quality steel welding combination, folding frame structure, good safety performance, surface color spray plastic treatment, beautiful and durable.
  • Folding handle: the rear folding armrest structure to reduce storage space.
  • Seat cushion: using beef tendon nylon cloth cover, containing 300d canvas inside of the combined seam structure, high tensile strength.
  • PU armrest
  • Detachable foot support: use the disassembly foot support, the height of the foot pedal is adjustable.
  • Front wheel: 8 inch (200mm).
  • Rear wheel: 12-inch (300mm) wheel, equipped with aluminum alloy wheels.


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