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Electric Wheelchair Spare Parts

Electric Wheelchair Spare Parts in India

Esleh distinguishes itself in the competitive market of wheelchair manufacturing by offering a comprehensive and customer-centric approach that sets it apart from its competitors. Here’s how Esleh is far ahead in terms of providing spare parts and services across India: 1. Availability of Spare Parts 2. Nationwide Service Network 3. After-Sales Support 4. Innovation and […]

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standing wheelchair Quadriplegia

Standing Wheelchair for Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia Explained Quadriplegia, (tetraplegia), is a condition that impacts a person’s ability to move all four human limbs and torso due to a spinal cord injury. The condition is usually caused by severe damage to the cervical spinal cord, which can cause paralysis of the arms, legs, and body.Depending on the severity of the injury, […]

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