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How to Use Wheelchairs on Stairs

Effective Steps and Tips on How to Use Wheelchair on Stairs

Individuals with disabilities and using wheelchairs for their personal comfort are advised to navigate on stairs safely. In this article, we will be discussing effective tips and steps like how to use a wheelchair on stairs, moving on stairs with the help of a manual wheelchair, and much more.

How to use the Starir Wheelchair Upstairs & Downstairs?

What precautionary steps are required to move on stairs with a wheelchair?

People with wheelchairs and moving on stairs are one of the challenging tasks. It recommends following proper guidelines, planning, and understanding the working of equipment to get the best results. If an individual is aware of the potential risks and takes precautionary steps to move on stairs with a wheelchair then such a strategy ensures the independent ride with complete safety.

Let us now delve into the steps that are important to follow before climbing the stairs with a wheelchair:

1. Check your comfort level

The comfort level of an individual can be judged by them only; nobody can assess another’s physical capabilities. Thus, it is good to check your personal physical capabilities whether you are capable of navigating the stairs on your own or not. If in case, you feel discomfort as of less upper body strength then it is advised to take assistance from the caretaker. Otherwise, there can be other solutions for utilizing methods like ramps and elevators.

2. Determine the appropriate wheelchair

If you have stairs at your home and there is a frequent need to navigate on the stairs using a wheelchair. Then in such conditions, it recommends choosing the stair climbing wheelchairs that are actually designed for moving on staircases. Equipment with retractable tracks and the manual mechanisms is specially manufactured for stair climbing.

Stair Climbing Wheelchair
Manual Stair Chair

3. Take help from the trainer for safe stair climbing

Nowadays, technologies are advanced and we can take advantage of same. It is better to get help proper guidelines, and assistance from a professional trainer. Such processes are helpful to understand how to use a wheelchair on stairs safely. The professional techniques and guidelines from a physical therapist will be beneficial to understanding the working of wheelchairs on stairs.

Do you have a manual wheelchair and wondering how to go up the stairs?

People who already have manual wheelchairs at their home and are willing to climb the stairs without any harm can follow the below tips to success.

  • The manual wheelchair users can take advantage of the inbuilt features and accessories. You must have a safety belt, and try to utilize the same so as to be free from any mishap like an accident.
  • One of the best tips for using a wheelchair on stairs is to get help from the caretaker. He should take himself one step ahead of the person who is available in a manual wheelchair.
  • Manual wheelchair designs are comfortable as well as simple to understand. It is advisable to understand all specific features and manufacturing guidelines provided for the respective equipment.

Compelling Points on How to Use Wheelchairs on Stairs

If you are using a wheelchair and looking forward to the steps or tips that are compelling to move on stairs as well, then try to follow the below-given points.

  • Accessibility of the staircase is one of the prior things that need to be done from the user side. Also, ensure that the stairs are in good condition in ascending and descending orders. If any obstacles are found like termites, debris, or damage then it is good to repair the same before proceeding with your wheelchair.
  • Dimensions of wheelchairs as well as stairs are to be noted before using any equipment on the staircase. All these concerns are important to take care of for safe navigation on stairs.
  • If you are confident enough to move with your wheelchair on ground level then you can practice using the equipment on stairs also. But, it is recommended to always try to use a wheelchair on the stairs with your caretaker because it might be possible that you require help.
  • While using the wheelchair on stairs, it is good to sit with your face in the forward direction. Such tips are beneficial because they enhance the user’s control as well as visibility to see the stairs in ascending and descending directions.
  • Move slowly and do not be in a hurry to reach the top or bottom level. Try to maintain your weight in the center position so that there will be no risk of any damage or tipping over.
  • Do not hesitate to ask any query to your trainer if you are seeking help from professionals. They will be guiding the communication signals so as to check if you are facing any trouble while moving. It recommends learning and understanding the synchronization with your proficient trainer for successful navigation on stairs.


Concluding all the above points, now you must be aware of how to use a wheelchair on stairs. Always focus on your goal and be calm as well as confident enough that you are going to reach it safely. 

Yes, it is one of the challenging tasks for a user to navigate stairs with the help of a wheelchair but if you have a complete desire, planning, excellent equipment, no damage on stairs, proper strategies, and preparation then the task is completely possible. Safety is in our hands, so be sure and follow the above tips and compelling points to enhance your wheelchair mobility on any surface.


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