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Choosing Armrest for Wheelchair

Finding Difficulties While Choosing an Armrest for Wheelchair?

Are you confused about choosing an armrest for your wheelchair? Then, you must choose the one which suits your comfort. Armrests play an important role in a wheelchair as they support proper balancing while moving from one place to another without facing any trouble. Whenever a user tries to pick up objects or things from the floor, these armrests help to provide accurate stability and proper balance. Generally, the average height of an armrest in any wheelchair is approximately 9 inches. The height can vary up to 1 inch as per the wheelchair models. Therefore, if you are in need to purchase an armrest for your wheelchair then follow the below points which will help you with choosing the best armrest for your product.

Significance of Armrest

Armrests deliver numerous benefits to wheelchair users. Let us discuss how armrests can provide various benefits to make users more comfortable. 

  • The armrests are beneficial for wheelchair users. It helps them in placing their arms at an appropriate height which makes them comfortable at the time of using the vehicle.
  • It helps the user by providing tremendous support for their arms and hands.
  • The person who is using a power wheelchair will feel more relaxed after using an armrest as it provides a relaxed position by guiding both of their arms and hands. 
  • Normally, it is noticed that people suffer from muscle tension when their hands and arms are not placed in the correct position. Armrest is helpful in easing such muscle pain or muscle tension in the body.
  • A person can maintain a proper posture of their body after using an armrest in an accurate position.
  • A user will be free from any shoulder, back, or arm pain after the use of an armrest.

Effective Tips for Choosing Armrests for Wheelchairs

As a wheelchair user, you can have a wide variety of armrests available in the market. Thus, it is important to know the different types of armrests before finalizing the product. 

Understand the armrest’s attachments:

1. Fixed armrest attachment: Such armrests are fixed to the frame of the wheelchair with the help of a welding or bolting process.

2. Dual Post armrest attachment: Such armrests consist of two vertical tubes that are placed at the side frame of the wheelchair.

3. Single Post/T-arm attachment: These armrests consist of only one vertical tube; hence these are less stable as compared to dual post armrest attachment. The vertical tube is placed at a single side frame of the wheelchair which is helpful for the user to come up on the table with ease.

4. Flip-down armrest attachment: These armrests are not attached to any of the side frames. Wheelchairs have an attachment at the back upright canes which are easy to flip in an upward direction. Such armrests help in allowing clearance.

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What are the different styles of Armrests Available in the Market?

Before you choose an armrest for your wheelchair, it is important to understand its style. Go through the below points and choose the one which fulfills your requirements.

  1. Full-Length Armrests – Fixed Type:
    Users who are in need of fixed-height armrests can go with the full-length, fixed, and removable style of armrests. Such armrests are helpful in supporting the user from his back to the front of the seat. Here, you will get a fixed height and removable armrests feature.
  2. Full Length, Adjustable Armrests – Removable Type:
    Another option of full-length armrests which comes with removable feature and adjustable height are also available in the market. In such types, the user will get suitable support from their back to the front of their seat. Users who need to adjust the height of the tray to get the same optimal position can go with this type of armrest.
  3. Desk Length – Fixed Type: The armrests of such styles are available with a fixed height. The users will get appropriate support from their back to the 3/4th of the wheelchair seat.
  4. Desk Length – Adjustable Type: People who are looking for a solution with adjustable height and removable armrests can choose this armrest style. In this case, also, you will be getting support from your back to the 3/4th of the wheelchair seat.
  5. Space Saver Type: In the Space saver type, the armrests are arched to an inward position so that they will come closer to the user’s body.
  6. Tubular Type: Such types of armrests are flipped down with the hardware or you can see it in the downward curved position. These types are usually attached to the receptacle behind the wheelchair seat. You are free to choose any of the types from rolled or upholstered padding on the armrest. The users can adjust their armrests based on the chosen attachment hardware.
  7. Swing Away Type: For better clearance, it is seen that the armrest oscillates to the side or back behind the wheelchair.


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