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Power Wheelchair Manufacturer in India

Power wheelchairs are been used by people who are suffering from any type of medical problem. Some of the individuals who might face difficulties while walking they also look for a solution like wheelchairs for easy mobility.

Power Wheelchairs Price in India

In this web page, we will have a brief view of “power wheelchair” “types of power wheelchairs”, “Working of power wheelchair”, “Features of an electric wheelchair.”

What is a Power Wheelchair?

  • A power wheelchair is also called a motorized vehicle in which an individual is easy to move with the help of an electric motor rather than moving it manually.
  • A power wheelchair supports easy moving from one place to another.
  • If you are facing problems in walking then this vehicle can help you out in reaching your desired destination without any trouble.
  • If you have any senior person at your home who does not have cardiovascular strength then electric wheelchairs are the apt solution for easy mobility.
  • The equipment is available in different models, shapes, and sizes which are convenient to use in indoor as well as outdoor areas. 
  • If you are unable to use your hands, or feet as of any serious medical issues then a power wheelchair is an appropriate choice to use.
  • The salesperson can guide you with the battery-powered models.
  • Some of the wheelchairs are easy to transport because of their foldable feature.

What are the types of Power Wheelchairs?

Travel Power Wheelchair

If you are looking for a wheelchair with foldable and easy-to-disassemble features. Then travel power wheelchair is the appropriate option to choose. Such wheelchairs are easy to transport in a car trunk or an airplane cargo.

Full-size Power Wheelchair

Another type of power wheelchair is manufactured for more comfort as of its larger seats. The Full-size power wheelchairs consist of larger batteries and hence can be used for a longer period after a single charge.

Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair

A user with any sort of weight can use a heavy-duty power wheelchair because it can hold more than 300lb weight capacity without any problems. Such wheelchairs are also termed bariatric power vehicles.

Working Process of Power Wheelchair

  • Power wheelchairs are designed in different models which consist of a power base and a comfortable seat. 
  • The power base is the place where batteries, motors, and different electrical mechanisms are fitted.
  • The seat is a place where the user will sit to control the wheelchair. It is designed with great comfort with the help of backrest padding work, cushions, and armrests.

Features of Electric or Power Wheelchair

Humans have got tremendous help from the manufacturing of electric wheelchairs which are also termed powerchairs. People who are not able to move can have the solution of independent mobility with such innovations.

  • The power wheelchair consists of larger wheels that are directly connected to the motor. This enhances the stability and durability of the product while making your ride at the smoothest level on any surface. Companies use pneumatic or foam-filled wheels in their powered wheelchairs. The difference between both wheels is pneumatic are not puncture proof while foam-filled are puncture proof.
  • Because of the usage of a caster connected opposite to the drive wheel, the wheelchair is stable. This feature helps the vehicle to turn within a smaller radius. Hence, it is convenient for indoor areas.
  • Some of the models consist of freewheel options. In this feature, the wheels can be released from the vehicle which is useful if there is a situation like a discharged battery. It is advisable to switch on the free wheels option with the assistance of another caretaking person.
  • You will get a tremendous controlling feature in a powered wheelchair like switches can be operated from the headrest to the control head, with the help of pedals and buttons available at the footrest an individual can understand the foot controls. Similarly, you can easily access chin controls which are available near the chin. Some controllers are operated by voice commands as well which are called speech controls.
  • The wheelchair is designed with three driving skills. If you have a small space and a tighter radius then front-wheel drive power wheelchairs are the available option in the market. Such wheelchairs are good to use in indoor as well as outdoor areas. While if you require a wheelchair, it can help you to move in malls, small apartments, or lesser space areas. Then it recommends choosing the mid-wheel drive feature available in power wheelchairs. If you require to move on hikes and outdoor activities then rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs can fulfil your requirement.

If you are facing medical problems or looking for a solution for your guardian’s mobility then try to follow the above important points that we have discussed to know what is power wheelchair and how it can help you in different circumstances. After a complete examination, it recommends choosing the apt model available in the market.