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Esleh Grand EM Electromagnetic Wheelchair


Esleh Grand Wheelchair Features & Specifications:

  • Designed Electric Wheelchair for heavy patients of 150 Kg
  • Half-folding Backrest
  • Flip Up Armrest and Leg rest
  • Real-time Control Indication & Removable Lithium Battery
  • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake & 1.5 Square Meters Free Turning
  • Front wheels of 10 inches for excellent control and stability
  • Rear wheels of 22 inches for ease of maneuverability on all kind of surfaces.
Frame Material Carbon Steel
Motor Electromagnetic Brake
Charging Voltage 220V
Charging Time 6-7 hours
Driving Range 15-20KM (in a radius)
Max Speed Material 6 km/hr
Front Wheel 10″ Solid Tyre
Rear Wheel 22″ Solid Tyre
Seat Width Material 45cm
Net Weight 47kg (including battery)
Frame Size 118*65*90cm
Battery Lead Acid 2X12AH 12V
Load Bearing Capacity 120 kg
Model Name/Number Esleh Grand EM
Type Of Usage Both Electric & Manual Use Wheelchair
Cushion Thickness 2cm
Brand Esleh
  • Features: Charging voltage 220V, Charging time 6-7hours, Driving range 15-20Km(in a radius), Front wheel 10” solid tire, Rear wheel 22” solid tire, Net weight: 47 kg(including battery), Battery lead acid: 2*20AH 24V, Electromagnetic Brakes, Cushion thickness: 2cm
  • Propelling Options: This wheelchair can be used interchangeably as a self-propelled wheelchair or an attendant wheelchair. While users of this type of chair will generally push themselves, the handles mean a caregiver or attendant can push the chair if required. This provides greater flexibility to users to use on electric mode or manual mode.
  • Detachable Accessories: With detachable footrest, armrest, and detachable cushion seat which is soft and supportive for ultimate comfort. Cushions can be removed easily ideal seat is covered with breathable material for optimal comfort and includes an adjustable safety belt for added security and a foldable wheelchair
  • Easily Foldable: The detachable cushions and footrest make the wheelchair easily foldable and also let you clean the bucket. With an additional feature of the LED dipper. Load Bearing Capacity 120KG, durable and comfortable cushion reclining Wheelchair
  • Material: This electromagnetic wheelchair is made of excellent-quality Carbon Steel. The material of this chair is a safe dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles to create a protective finish. The framework is sturdy, which gives more strength. Powder coating adds to the steel’s durability, helping the frame to withstand damage better and last longer.
  • Electromagnetic Brakes: This electric wheelchair allows the user to slow down and stop instantly without requiring physical effort or careful manual dexterity


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