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Air Travel wit Wheelchair

Sky-High Beyond Limits – Easy Air Travel with a Wheelchair is Possible!!

Individuals who are using wheelchairs and are willing to explore new places across the globe can feasibly sky-high without any limitations. In this article, we are going to discuss tips and accurate information about air travel with a wheelchair. As we all know, traveling is a part of our life to explore and experience new horizons. It also helps us to capture some lovely memories with our relatives and family members.

People who are suffering from any type of disability and utilizing wheelchairs to go from one place to another seem upset as well as daunted about whether they can fulfill this dream or not. We wish to tell you that, yes you can travel without any hesitation if you perform the travel with proper planning and holding accurate information.

Travel with Wheelchair

Is Air Travel with a Wheelchair possible?

Yes, obviously there is no harm in flying with a wheelchair. However, you must be aware of the tips and work with proper planning to explore new horizons without facing any problems. Some of the important factors that you need to consider about the wheelchair is its size and type. Generally, standard or transport wheelchairs are preferred while traveling through larger airplanes because of their limited space. In case, you are holding a power wheelchair then it should be stored underneath with a sealed battery.

What are the essential tips for air travelers with a wheelchair?

1. Plan your trip properly and efficiently

Before traveling, it recommends finalizing your destination appropriately in such a manner that you can easily travel with the help of a wheelchair. Always consider booking flights with no stoppage in between. Such planning will make you free from moving between the planes and terminals. In addition, do check the assistance provided by the airlines in advance.

2. Helping hand available at the airport

Try to arrive at the airport early so that you get a good amount of time to be free from security and other procedures. It would be good if you check with the support team on airports whether they provide wheelchair services at the airport or not. If they do not offer such a service, try to request them to arrange the same at the point of check-in from the entry gate. For the entire security checking procedure, you need to have patience and be calm because it will take a good amount of time.

3. Travel with the perfect and appropriate wheelchair

Before planning to travel, always ensure to choose the best and most apt type of wheelchair. If you have a manual or electric type of wheelchairs then it is good to research the pros and cons that can indulge at the time of traveling. If you are deciding to go with an electric wheelchair then do ensure that it requires proper care, and precautions while handling the chair as well as for battery operation.

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4. Dimensions and size of the wheelchair to be accurate

Another tip that you should make a note about the wheelchair is its size and dimensions. It should match the airline requirements as conveyed by the support team for cabin storage.

5. Be ready with the important essentials

And one of the essential tips is to be ready to pack the appropriate medications, and doctor prescriptions as well as complete medical documentation with you at the time of traveling. This process can help you what is the accessibility of medication. If you are holding the manual wheelchair with you while traveling, then be sure to bring the spare parts as well as the repairing tools in case of any mishap or unexpected issues.

6. Understand about the boarding of passengers

In many of the airlines, it is mandatory to provide early boarding for the passengers who are suffering from some disabilities. Such processes can give you an advantage to get settled easily. In case, if you do not have any boarding information. Then, try to communicate with flight attendants to understand the complete procedure of early boarding.

7. Check out for comfort while traveling

With this technique, the passengers can actually request to get an advantage for easier access to the toileting area. The flight attendants sometimes help passengers by providing the aisle seat to get access to restrooms. In addition, you can also carry comfortable seat cushions during your flight travel.

8. Ask for the assistance after flight landing

Once a flight lands at the destination, try to have some patience and wait for the attendant to assist you through the airport. The airlines will support you because you are a passenger with a disability. So try to take advantage and assistance from the service attendant.

Important Points to Remember for Air Travel with a Wheelchair

  • Always consider choosing their direct flight without any stoppage. This strategy will be expensive but provide you the comfort of reaching the destination hassle-free.
  • Always communicate with the airline support team to get the latest updates about assistance as well as flight delays, boarding details, and similar information.
  • Also, understand the arrival and departure procedures at the terminal because you are holding a wheelchair with you for traveling.

Finally, we can conclude that traveling with a wheelchair in an airline actually requires proper planning. The above tips can assist passengers in planning a hassle-free trip if they consider all the points in advance. Hence, it is clear that air travel with a wheelchair is absolutely possible with great experience because the airline attendants will be supportive in helping you to reach the destination without facing any problems.

So, try to explore more and reach plenty of destinations to make beautiful memories without compromising the disabilities. All you need to do is have patience, and a calm mind, and enjoy the journey as it comes. People will be there at airlines to help you in reaching your respective destination. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available in the market which provide various advantages to wheelchair travelers.


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