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wheelchair to fit through door

Dimensions to Accommodate a Wheelchair to Fit Through Door

Are you using a wheelchair for your personal purposes and looking forward to checking out the dimensions to get it through the door? In this article, we will be discussing the appropriate dimensions like what should be the width of a doorway so as to accommodate the wheelchair to fit through the door.

Sometimes, individuals are looking for a satisfactory solution for their loved ones or in professional aspects also to get the things available in a more accessible and feasible manner. So, in all such scenarios, it is recommended to understand the dimensions like the width, and height of a wheelchair to access the same in an effective way without facing any trouble.

Overview of Doorways Dimensions

Generally, if we take an example of any home doorway then it usually measures between 23 to 27 inches. So, if someone is planning to get a wheelchair for their personal or business usage then do have a look at the below-mentioned dimensions.

  • As per the standards, the doorways should have a proper width of 32 inches. It should be calculated between the door’s face and the opposite stop.
  • In addition, it completely depends upon the size and type of the wheelchair. For example, if you are searching for narrow transport wheelchairs then the approximate width calculation ranges from 21”. While for the heavy-duty wheelchairs, it will exceed 40” in width.
Wheelchair Dimension

The market consists of various types of wheelchairs you can have in lightweight as well as heavy-duty wheelchairs. It is advisable to understand the measurements and dimensions of your home doorways from each and every part like internal and exterior prospects.

After making the deal, it will be very difficult to return the wheelchair and ask for an exchange. Thus, it is always better to have a proper calculation of doorways before finalizing the wheelchair from the market.

Mainly, people who are residing in small homes face much trouble in making our space to enter their desired wheelchairs. So, it is good to get the dimensions as well as specifications of the respective wheelchair from the manufacturer to get the appropriate chair purchasing.

What is the Standard Size of a Wheelchair?

The standard size of a wheelchair with an approximate width ranges between 25 inches to 36 inches. If we talk about the power wheelchairs, then the width range initiates 23 inches from tire to tire. As per the standards, users who are willing to purchase a new wheelchair should opt for a traveler with a width of 32 inches. This will be satisfactory to enter from any door openings. In most of the cases, it is seen that normally a door consists of 30 inches width opening which is quite enough for any standard wheelchair to enter.

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Wheelchair Dimension Recommendations from the Standards

The following statements are provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. They have declared the correct dimensions of the wheelchair which are actually recommended for the users.

  • The minimum and maximum width of any door should be between 32” to 48” respectively.
  • If we talk about the door height then it should be approximately 80”.
  • Make sure that the door locks are smaller and also check the handle height from the floor; it can be 48” maximum from the floor.
  • If the threshold height is more than half inches then it will need a ramp.
  • The manual wheelchairs generally have a 9” width which is wider than the seat. It simply means that if there is a wheelchair that has an 18” wider seat then the actual width of the wheelchair will be 27”.
  • The transport wheelchairs which are 18” in width will be 23” seat width.
  • The standard width of power wheelchairs is 25”.
  • The heavy-duty power wheelchairs on the other consist of 32” proper width.

Different techniques can be utilized to widen the home doorways & accommodate Wheelchair

1. Trimming and removing the doors is helpful

Users who have a small space can utilize the technique by removing the entire door to enhance the entry space from the door. This process can help to widen the home entryway doors.

2. Increase the Weight of Door Frames

Sometimes possibly it is not easy to get the wheelchair from the existing doors. In such circumstances, it will be good to widen the door frames. This can be done by cutting the drywall and proceeding with the reframe option.

3. Installation of Offset Door Hinges

Another prominent technique that can be utilized for the wheelchair to fit through the bathroom door is to work on installing the offset hinges. This technique is effective and helps the doors to swing without any trouble and in an independent manner. Such a method is appropriate to get an extra space which is beneficial to proceed with effortless clearance. The door hinges are not expensive and easily available in the market. Also, the installation process is easy to understand.

How to choose the Perfect Wheelchair for your loved ones?

The perfect wheelchair can be chosen after having a trial and checking how comfortable the traveler is. It is not possible to purchase a new wheelchair because of the door size issues. So, it recommends having accurate dimensions before purchasing the product from the market. This technique will save time as well as make you free from any confusion.

The standard door size which is between 32” can actually be considered any wheelchair model which has an average maximum width of 22”. The narrowest wheelchair to fit through the door is available with 16 inches of seat width in the market. While some of the companies have custom options as well it is rare to find such service providers.

The above points must clear the concept behind choosing the right wheelchair for your home or business purposes. Before finalizing the deal, make sure all the points are and take the dimensions of your door.


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