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Power Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters

Power Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters

Which is Suitable and Best Choice for You – Power Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters?

Are you confused and unable to choose which is the best choice for you in a wheelchair? The market is full of different models consisting of electric as well as manual wheelchairs. Both vehicles have general functions as well as a variety of features. Here, in this article, we will discuss which is the suitable and best choice for you among power wheelchairs vs mobility scooters. As a buyer, you must be aware of the differences, usages, costs, advantages, and disadvantages of these wheelchairs which will help you in choosing the appropriate choice as per your preferences.

What is Power Wheelchair – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The electric wheelchairs are designed with batteries and an electric motor. It consists of a comfortable seat with padded back support and hence the user has a comfortable sitting in the wheelchair. The equipment has complete control over the armrests which is good for people who are unable to move their arms, neck, feet, or upper parts of their body.


  • Easy to transport via car trunk or other vehicle.
  • You can enjoy different modes to adjust the dimensions.
  • The wheelchairs are stable and durable.
  • The turning radius is small and tighter in a powered wheelchair.


  • These wheelchairs are heavy in comparison to mobility scooters.
  • Speed is slower than mobility scooters.
  • The machine requires more maintenance.

What is Mobility Scooter – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

If the user can move their hands, feet, and parts of the body then it is good to go with a mobility scooter. Such vehicles are made with the help of powered batteries. It is designed in such a way as to control the handlebars with the help of switches. If you are looking a wheelchair for an aged person or who is suffering from bone and health issues then a mobility scooter is the suitable choice to purchase.


  • You are free to choose any shape or size at your convenience. 
  • Easy to travel on different levels and areas.
  • Few models are designed for easy transportation purposes.
  • Easy to reach the destination in lesser time as of its faster speed.


  • The vehicles are expensive and not easily affordable.
  • Wheelchairs are heavy and look bulky.
  • The turning radius is large.

Choose Yourself Based on Your Preferences – Power Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters

1. Are you looking for a wheelchair that can be folded and is easy to transport?

In these circumstances, you should choose the wheelchair which is easily foldable and takes less space. You can see models which are easy to fold into a single piece. Such machines are lightweight and hence easy to transport to another place without facing any problems. If folding is your need, then go with the mobility scooters as you can easily disassemble the vehicle parts without the help of tools. You are free to take such equipment after folding through airways as per the reports of TSA. You will get a strong motor and a machine which has a weight of approximately 27 kg. 

2. What kind of battery do you require for your wheelchair?

It completely depends upon your usage like how much you wish to travel in a wheelchair. You can get the wheelchair which is designed with rechargeable power cells. The lithium batteries are heavy and if it exceeds 300AH value then you are unable to carry the wheelchair via airways. The users can choose the wheelchairs as per their mobility requirements. For example, after completion of a single charge of full-size mobility scooters can run for a long distance of approximately 40 miles. While the powered wheelchair can drain the battery soon if the level is tilted. 

3. Are you looking for adaptable options with comfortable seating results?

As per the user feedback, you can get highly adjustable seating options in powered wheelchairs. You will be able to adjust the seating at your convenience. With the help of mobility scooters, users can move around their homes easily. There is several models which can help in moving on steep hills on a single charge. While if you face difficulties in walking then choose an electric wheelchair with smaller turns that is suitable for indoor use.

4. On which wheel you will be more independent?

Many of the users look for the tremendous support and independent mobility. Both wheelchairs whether it is electric or mobility scooter can be used in indoor or outdoor activities. While electric wheelchairs deliver an effective result in indoor moving areas. You will feel more comfortable and independent after using the device in your home area. If we talk about mobility scooters, they have large and wide structures which are easy to move in outdoor areas. 

Bottom Line

As of now, you are aware of the features and usage of both Power Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters. We recommend you examine your need and budget before choosing the desired option. Also, keep certain points in your mind about whether you need to transport the wheelchair in the future. If yes, then choose the foldable wheelchair option. Go through the above points and select the best option for your relatives or loved ones.


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