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Dynamic Seating

Accommodate Dynamic Solution with Dynamic Seating Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are common nowadays for users’ convenience and mobility requirements. Nowadays, you can see wheelchairs with dynamic seating which delivers movement within a wheelchair. In simple terms, you can understand that when you try to move then the dynamic seating elements will also move according to your movement. This process is helpful in aligning the body weight with the seating system. In this article, we will discuss “what is dynamic seating,” and “How to choose the appropriate dynamic seating wheelchair.”

What is Dynamic Seating?

You must feel how difficult it is for a person who is unable to move and reach their respective destination because of problems like illness, disability, age, and much more. In such cases, they prefer to choose an appropriate motorized wheelchair that consists of a comfortable seat. In many model seating systems, you will not get availability for movement. Thus, after seating for a longer period, the muscles get fluctuated in one position. So, people who wish to move their body within the wheelchair require “Dynamic Seating.”

  • With the help of dynamic seating, the person can move within the wheelchair.
  • The seating movement elements move along the user movement.
  • The importance of choosing dynamic seating is that it helps in maintaining body alignment.
  • The user is free to choose the different elements available in dynamic seating at their own convenience. For example, dynamic backrests, footrests, and headrests.

What a User can Achieve with Dynamic Seating in a Wheelchair?

If you are facing problems like fluctuation of muscle tone after spending several hours in a wheelchair. Then, dynamic seating can help you with purposeful movements. The companies design wheelchairs with dynamic seating to deliver tremendous advantages which are discussed below.

  • A user can sit for several hours in a wheelchair which helps to increase their sitting tolerance.
  • It will protect the seating hardware to meet any damage or breakage.
  • Easy to move and deliver an active range of movement.
  • Dynamic seating will help in reducing user energy and hard work.

When to Choose – Dynamic Seating Wheelchair?

If you require active movement throughout the day and wish to increase your muscle tone then a dynamic seating wheelchair is an appropriate choice to avail. The main motive of a dynamic seating chair is to absorb the forces and spread out the movement forces. In this manner, a user can easily maintain their neutral pelvic position.

What are the Types of Dynamic Seating?

If you are ready to go with dynamic seating chairs, then try to be aware of its types. 

1. Integrated Dynamic Seating Chair Systems

In this type of dynamic seating chair, a user must purchase the complete unit. This means such equipment is not meant to be refit on other mobility bases. The users can enjoy the movement of different body parts like hips, knees, and heads. Thus, it is important to take a trial before purchasing any item and understand whether it is comfortable and suitable for you or not.

2. Modular Dynamic Seating Chair Systems

Such chair systems are modular and the user has the complete right to choose the appropriate elements as they require. Another advantage of choosing a modular dynamic seating chair system is that you can easily arrange and use it on other mobility bases without facing any problems. Examples of such chair systems are dynamic headrests, footrests, and rocker back.

Now, you must be aware of the meaning of “What is dynamic seating?” The advantage of dynamic seating over other wheelchair seating systems is that when the user will try to move then the seating area will automatically move according to your movement. On the other hand, we know several wheelchairs consist of static seating systems. 


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