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Manual wheelchair vs electric wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair vs Electric Wheelchair

Looking for an Appropriate Guide – When to Choose Manual Wheelchair vs Electric Wheelchair?

For many years wheelchairs are used to improve convenience and accessibility. Nowadays, you can see a tremendous change in technology like different models of wheelchairs are available which help to approach the destination without any trouble. As technology enhances, people are confused about choosing a manual or electric wheelchair. In this article, we will discuss when to choose and the differences between Manual wheelchairs vs electric wheelchairs in detail.

How Manual Wheelchairs Are Designed to Support an Easy Transport?

  • One of the common structures of a manual wheelchair is a metal frame. These manual wheelchairs are made with hollow steel tubes. Such wheelchairs are light in weight and very comfortable.
  • In the last 200 years ago, people are using wheelchairs which support them in moving from one place to another. The manufacturers of wheelchairs make them as strong as possible for long-lasting usage.

Advantages of Manual Wheelchair over Electric Wheelchair

#1. Easy to transport

An advantage of manual wheelchairs is that they can be easily folded up when the equipment is not in use. Because of the folding feature, you can easily transport it without using any vehicle wheelchair carrier.

#2. No need for Battery or Power

No battery and power are required to run on a manual wheelchair which makes it independent and cost-effective.

#3. Complete control of moving the wheelchair

An individual who is moving in a manual wheelchair has complete movement control of the equipment.

How Electric Wheelchairs Are Structured and Operated?

  • People call electric wheelchairs by different terms like electric-powered, powerchair, or motorized wheelchair.
  • Such products consist of a seating surface and wheels are added to drive it with the help of an electric-based power source. Normally, this equipment is operated with the help of motors and batteries.
  • In the ancient times of the 1900s, the very first electric wheelchair was discovered. But there was very less demand for such products after World War II.
  • The electric wheelchair is structured with a chair mounted on a plastic base. An electric motor and batteries which are rechargeable are fitted under the provided plastic base.

Advantages of Electric Wheelchair Over Manual Wheelchair

#1. Ease of Working

Electric wheelchairs are easy to move, control, and operate.

#2. Easy to operate for long hours

If an individual needs to spend long hours in a wheelchair, then this can be the perfect option to purchase.

#3. Adjustable and Comfortable seat

You will get a comfortable and adjustable seat with padding support.

When to Choose Manual Wheelchair vs Electric Wheelchair?

1. A manual wheelchair is easy to collapse and fold. It is designed with a slimmer seat that consists of a padding back. While electric wheelchairs consist of an evenly distributed wheel.

2. If you have level surfaces then electric-powered wheelchairs are appropriate as they move smoothly on such surfaces. You can get other models in electric wheelchairs which have advanced feature like all-terrain wheels that helps to move on uneven surfaces.

3. The user needs to examine the place where they have the need for a wheelchair. Like, if you have a single-story home then a manual wheelchair is the appropriate option to use. While if you need to move at a longer distance then a powerchair works best as it has a range to move more than 15 miles. The distance movement of a wheelchair is dependent on its models.

4. Manual wheelchairs are cheaper than electric wheelchairs. So, as per your need, you can go with a manual wheelchair by spending a lesser amount.

5. Manual wheelchairs are easy to operate and can be transported from one place to another without any vehicle carrier. While powered electric chairs need huge vehicles like an SUV or a van to transport them to other places.

Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a Wheelchair for Your Loved One or Family

It is important to go through the below factors before choosing a wheelchair. Because the perfect choice can make a bigger difference in your loved one’s daily life.

1. Check out the specific need of the user

It recommends going through and checking different designs and models of wheelchairs as per your specific need. You are free to choose any of the types of wheelchairs indoor, outdoor, battery-operated, or manual wheelchairs based on your requirement.

2. Examine the surroundings where you wish to use the wheelchair

There are different types of wheelchairs available in the market like foldable and non-foldable. You can consider choosing wheels and brakes as well. Like few models consist of pneumatic or solid wheels and hand-operated or foot-operated brakes.

3. Know your budget before purchasing the wheelchair

As spending money on a wheelchair is a big investment, it is advisable to consider the cost as per your budget before buying the equipment.

4. Maintenance of Wheelchair

Another important factor that you should consider is how much maintenance and effort are required for the respective wheelchair.

As per the above discussion, now you must be aware of manual wheelchairs vs electric wheelchairs. Thus, you can decide when and which option to choose that suits your family or loved one’s need. Try to examine all factors as mentioned above and then switch to the appropriate model for easy operation and working.


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