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Types of Wheelchair

Different Types of Wheelchairs – Usages, Advantages, Disadvantages, and More

A wheelchair is an equipment that consists of a fitted chair along with the wheels. The device can be used in different variations like manual wheels or electric propulsion with the help of a motor. Over the last half-century, it has been seen that companies are manufacturing different types of wheelchairs as per the requirement of user convenience. In this article, we will discuss the different variations, models, and types of wheelchairs like simple, tilting, power wheelchairs, and so on. 

Significance of Using Wheelchairs

  • People who face difficulty in moving and walking require the use of wheelchairs.
  • Individuals who are unable to roam from one place to another because of illness, injury, or any kind of disabilities need to use a wheelchair.
  • A normal wheelchair consists of a seat, two wheels at the front side, and the remaining two wheels at the backside.
  • This kind of basic wheelchair is helpful for people to move from one place to another without facing any trouble.

Have a Look at the Different Types of Wheelchairs – Choose the One that Suits you Well

1. Manual Wheelchair

If an individual can propel the chair in all directions by himself then a manual wheelchair is worth purchasing. In this type of wheelchair, you need to use your hands and grab the handles around the wheels for moving from one place to another. In this manner, you can move forward, backward, and in other directions. This kind of wheelchair consists of a handle at the back side so that another person can help you out to push and place you at the required destination.


  • Wheelchairs are available in different models like lightweight and comfortable vehicles.
  • You can choose a foldable wheelchair model also which is helpful in placing the equipment when in no use. 
  • Because of the foldable feature, you can easily transport the equipment to different places.
  • These are comfortable, efficient and durable in nature.
  • If you wish to operate the wheelchair by yourself then a manual wheelchair is an appropriate option to choose. 


  • If you are using a manual wheelchair independently then it will make you tired soon. 
  • If you spare less time in a standing position then there are chances that you might suffer from health problems.

2. Powered Wheelchair

If you are unable to move your hand and find problems in moving body parts. Then, the power wheelchair can be the best choice. In such kinds of wheelchairs, the user will not face problems like tiredness, or fatigue because the equipment is completely battery-operated. The user will have full control of this wheelchair to move in any direction without any problems.


  • You will not feel any disabilities with an electric wheelchair as it is designed with battery operation.
  • The user is completely independent to move in distinct places without looking for any helping hand.
  • The user has complete control to move the power wheelchair in any direction.


  • Powered wheelchair is heavy and hence looks bulky.
  • The minimum requirement to move this vehicle is battery and motor.

3. Pediatric Wheelchair

If you are looking for a wheelchair for your kid then go with this type known as a “Pediatric Wheelchair.” This type of wheelchair is specially designed for kids which has different models like the manual, electric, and specialized vehicles. 


  • The kids can adjust the positioning at their own convenience.
  • These wheelchairs are comfortable and easy to operate by kids.
  • Pediatric wheelchairs are designed in such a way that kids will enjoy moving without feeling bored and tired.


  • You need to examine the weight before choosing such model for your kids.

4. Positioning the Wheelchair

These types of wheelchairs are designed with both features of electric and battery-powered vehicles to move in different places. Companies manufacture different styles of wheelchairs for example with different positions like reclining backward, adjusting features and much more.


  • The users can adjust the seat by raising or lowering it at their convenience.
  • You can tilt the wheelchair automatically.
  • Some of the models will help you with entire movement and mobility.


  • In a few models, only one type of positioning is available.

5. Sports Wheelchairs

The sports wheelchair is generally designed for people involved with games like basketball, racing, rugby, tennis, etc. Such machines are advanced and consist of extraordinary technology.


  • The users are free to choose any model available in different shapes and sizes. 
  • Gamers can choose such wheelchairs to enjoy and fulfil their dreams.
  • The equipment is designed beautifully which maintains balance while playing games.
  • It offers complete protection for the athlete so that no one will get injured after using the vehicle.


  • Little bit expensive.

6. All-Terrain Wheelchairs

If you are looking for a wheelchair for travel purposes then choose an All-terrain wheelchair. It has the potential to travel and is available in different styles and shapes.


  • The wheelchairs provides good power for mobility.
  • It consists of large wheels and extraordinary designs which help to maintain the balance on an uneven level as well.


  • It is heavy and not easy to transport.

7. Standing Power Wheelchairs

This is an advanced technology in which the user can move from a sitting physical place into a standing form. 


  • Users can easily move with the help of a motorized wheel bases throughout the world without facing any problems.
  • It carries an innovative and unique feature so that an individual can stand with the help of motorized technology.


  • Standing Power wheelchairs are expensive.

Which is Considered an Effective and All-Rounder Wheelchair?

After discussing the different types of wheelchairs, their advantages, and their disadvantages in the above points. Now, we will conclude which is an effective and most versatile wheelchair available in the market. The best wheelchair can be chosen as per the requirement of a user. Because each wheelchair has its own advantages and features. As per the reports and user feedback, all the above-provided types are beneficial and effective as per individual needs. It completely depends on your need and choices. Once you are sure of your requirement, go for choosing the right wheelchair for your loved one. 


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