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Electric Wheelchair in Ahmedabad

Power wheelchairs in Ahmedabad has several advance featured that make life easier for the people having mobility issues. Have a look on some common features:

Electric Battery & Motor: Our Electric wheelchairs comes with motor and an electric battery. The motor of the wheelchair gives the driving wheelchair power with set of batteries required to provide energy to the motor.

Ergonomic Seating: In our electric wheelchair you will get multiple seating options which help you to maintain your postures like some has reclining backrest & adjustable seating as per your need.

Front & Rear Wheels: Our power wheelchairs may have different types of wheels and tires, including solid or pneumatic tires, and front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive systems. These features can affect the flexibility, stability, and traction of the wheelchair.

Suspension: Our electric wheelchairs has suspension system which allow you a bump free ride over rough terrains.

Foldable Design: The best feature of our electric wheelchairs is that you can fold & carry it like a trolley bags when not needed. Also when it get folded it take minimal space which can easily fit into your vehicle trunk.

Power Wheelchair Price in Ahmedabad

The price of electric wheelchairs in Ahmedabad range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 or more. You can order your electric wheelchair from the online store of ESLEH on discounted price. To Avail the the discount order your wheelchair now. Also our experts will help in choosing the best electric wheelchair as per your health requirement.

Electric Wheelchair Accessibility in Ahmedabad

Electric wheelchair accessibility in Ahmedabad can be changed based on the specific location or building. However, over the years, Ahmedabad has taken important steps towards improving accessibility for people with disabilities, including those who use electric wheelchairs. Many public places such as airports, railway stations, and shopping malls have implemented accessible infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities.

Order Electric Wheelchair in Ahmedabad

We have huge network of dealers and suppliers of Wheelchair in Ahmedabad. Visit your nearest electric wheelchair dealer or order online.