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We are one of the best electric Wheelchair Manufacturer in Delhi, with a strong network of dealers and suppliers. Our electric wheelchairs are used in rehabilitation and users having mobility issue. These electric wheelchairs comes with feature like reclining mechanism, shock absorber, finest and advanced features that address all the specific requirements. These power wheelchairs are manufactured using highly qualified products with raw materials in enhancing experienced and dedicated professionals with fine aspects.

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Electric Wheelchair Supplier in Delhi

  • Our wheelchair comes with shock absorbent which allow you a bump-free and safe ride.
  • Our electric wheelchairs are lightweight, portable & foldable which makes your travel stress free.
  • If you have issue in your back, the ergonomically designed wheelchairs help you to maintain your position without disturbing your comfort.

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It is important to choose the best folding electric wheelchair manufacturer in Delhi who helps to guide as a professional according to the user’s needs and capabilities.