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Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer in Punjab

Motorized wheelchairs is best convenient mobility vehicle for elderly and disabled wheelchair users. We are one of the best electric wheelchair manufacturer in Punjab. Our electric wheelchairs are easily foldable, portable with all the safety & needed features. Also the adjustable seats, footrest & armrests keep you in comfort. If you are the one who are looking for lightweight electric wheelchairs in Punjab, we had distributors & suppliers across Punjab who deliver your wheelchair at your doorsteps within 2-3 days.

Wheelchair Stores in Punjab

  1. Electric Wheelchair in Mohali
  2. Electric Wheelchair in Amritsar
  3. Electric Wheelchair in Jalandhar
  4. Electric Wheelchair in Chandigarh
  5. Electric Wheelchair in Ludhiana

Electric Wheelchair Price in Punjab

Which Electric Wheelchair to Choose?

  • Before purchasing the electric wheelchair in Punjab, you can consult us and let us know your requirement, and then according to your need we will suggest you the wheelchair.
  • On the other hand if you spend lot of time in sitting, then the seating position matter, so ensure that it has comfortable backrest along with head support like in our Esleh Master model which has reclining feature as well, so that you can lay down in a sleeping position.
  • People who are willing to move, travel & take part in activities with complete freedom and no mobility assistance. Such clients can choose electric wheelchairs which are easy to use in indoor & outdoor areas. 
Electric Wheelchair in Punjab

Benefits of Selecting Comfortable Electric Wheelchair in Punjab

1. An electric wheelchair give you the feel of independency as you can automatically move yourself without assistance of any second person.

2. These electric are foldable, compact and lightweight thus easy to carry & travel along.

3. On sloppy areas to you can move without needing any assistance.

4. The seats, height, footrests, and armrests are comfortable as well as customizable. 

5. Such wheelchairs have safety features seatbelts, indicators and anti-tip wheels which ensures the users will have a secure and stable ride.

Buy Now Comfortable Motorized Wheelchair in Punjab

It is important to choose the suitable electric wheelchair suppliers who helps you to guide as a professional, understand your needs and then suggest the best possible product. Esleh is one of the renowned electric wheelchair manufacturer in Punjab, we manufacture the products keeping your need & accessibility in mind

What is the Electric Wheelchair Price in Punjab?

Well the price mentioned on the website for electric wheelchair is same, as we have large network of distributors, supplier & sellers in Punjab, so it may be possible that you find the Esleh Wheelchair in Punjab at discounted price.