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Electric Wheelchair in Mohali

The accessibility to personal mobility is vital & first step to lead healthy, independent & productive lifestyle. People having difficulty in moving or walking need access to best suited wheelchair according to their requirement & specific medical needs. Independent mobility & having access to a wheelchair and other seating assistive technology are considered a basic human right, but only a well-functioning wheelchair provision system with well-trained personnel can guarantee the highest possible personal mobility.
Esleh being one of the best electrical wheelchair manufacturer in Mohali assess your condition and provide easy wheelchair delivery.

Electric Wheelchair Price in Mohali

Why Choose our Electric Wheelchair in Mohali

  1. We are one of the largest electric wheelchair manufacturing company in India and have strong network of dealer, wholesaler, distributor & retail shops.
  2. You can visit any of your nearby wheelchair store in Mohali & can find our wheelchair showcased in showrooms and store.
  3. Biggest celebrities and renowned names are using our electric wheelchair in Mohali.
  4. We have a medical expert who can assist you in choosing wheelchair as per your medical condition.
  5. We sell our wheelchair at reasonable pricing. You can order it online
  6. We can deliver your electric wheelchair in Mohali within two days.

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It is important to choose the best folding electric wheelchair manufacturer in Mohali who helps to guide as a professional according to the user’s needs and capabilities.