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Electric Wheelchair in Bangalore

Electric wheelchairs in Bangalore come with a range of features and options to accommodate different needs and preferences. Some common features of electric wheelchairs include:

Motor and Battery: Electric wheelchairs are powered by a motor and a battery. The motor provides the driving power, while the battery provides the energy needed to run the motor. Different models may have different motor sizes and battery types to provide varying levels of power and range.

Control System: Electric wheelchairs may feature different types of control systems, such as joystick controls, touchpad controls, or head controls. These systems allow the user to operate the wheelchair and control its speed and direction.

Seating: Electric wheelchairs may have different types of seating options, such as adjustable seats, tilt-in-space capabilities, and reclining backrests. These features can provide additional comfort and support for the user.

Footrests: Electric wheelchairs may feature adjustable footrests to accommodate users of different heights and leg lengths.

Wheels and Tires: Electric wheelchairs may have different types of wheels and tires, including solid or pneumatic tires, and front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive systems. These features can affect the maneuverability, stability, and traction of the wheelchair.

Suspension: Some electric wheelchairs may feature a suspension system to provide a smoother ride over rough terrain.

Anti-tipping Mechanisms: Many electric wheelchairs include anti-tipping mechanisms to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over, particularly when climbing steep inclines or navigating rough terrain.

Obstacle Detection Sensors: Some electric wheelchairs may include obstacle detection sensors to help the user navigate around obstacles and avoid collisions.

Foldable or Portable Design: Some electric wheelchairs are designed to be foldable or portable, making them easier to transport and store when not in use.

Electric Wheelchair Price in Bangalore

The cost of an electric wheelchair in Bangalore can vary depending on the model and features. Prices generally range from a few thousand INR to 1.5 Lakh INR for more advanced models. In some cases, health insurance may cover the cost of an electric wheelchair for individuals with mobility impairments.

Are Electric Wheelchairs Safe?

Yes, electric wheelchairs are generally considered safe when used properly and maintained in good condition. Electric wheelchairs are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards and regulations, including requirements for stability, braking, and electrical safety.

However, as with any mobility device, there are some risks associated with using an electric wheelchair. For example, if the user does not have proper training or experience with operating the device, there is a risk of tipping or losing control. Additionally, if the electric wheelchair is not maintained properly or if it is used inappropriately (such as on steep inclines or uneven terrain), there is a risk of mechanical failure or other safety issues.

Electric wheelchair in Bangalore
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Overall, the features of an electric wheelchair will depend on the model, but these mobility devices offer a range of features to improve mobility and provide additional comfort and support for individuals with mobility impairments. Order your Electric Wheelchair in Bangalore today