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Electric Wheelchair in Guwahati

Power wheelchairs in Guwahati have several advanced features that make life easier for people having mobility issues. Have a look at some common features:

Electric Battery & Motor: Our Electric wheelchairs come with a motor and an electric battery. The motor of the wheelchair gives the driving wheelchair power with a set of batteries required to provide energy to the motor.

Ergonomic Seating: In our electric wheelchair you will get multiple seating options that help you to maintain your postures some have reclining backrests & adjustable seating as per your need.

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations of an Electric Wheelchair

There are many advantages of an electric wheelchair, but it is important to know the limitations too:

  • Somewhere, accessibility can still be a challenge in certain surroundings, with issues like rough terrain, lack of ramps, or narrow doorways.
  • It requires routine maintenance and repair that may result in associated costs.
  • There is a constant dependency on battery power.

Electric Wheelchair Price in Guwahati

Tips for Using an Electric Wheelchair

  • One should charge the battery overnight to ensure a full day of normal use provided the batteries are not too old.
  • Electric wheelchairs that are used often will have longer life spans compared to power wheelchairs that are used rarely or sit idle for most of the day.
  • For electric wheelchairs that haven’t been used for a period, it would be best to charge them about once a month to keep them working.
  • To achieve a full charge, one needs to drain new batteries by 30% during the first 10 days.
  • Avoid depleting batteries by over 80% as it will quickly damage your batteries.
  • It’s important to ensure that the tires of your wheelchair are fully inflated as it will not only help ease the rolling of the wheelchair but also increase the time needed for charging the battery. This also maximizes your mileage as well as the life span of the tires and tubes.
  • Take extra care on slippery surfaces as the brakes on the wheelchair may not slow down.
  • Be cautious while travelling on sand or in snow as the wheelchair can get stuck there.
  • One can consider carrying a bright, orange flag as that will make them more visible in traffic and parking lots.

Order an Electric Wheelchair in Guwahati

We have a huge network of dealers and suppliers of Wheelchairs in Guwahati. Visit your nearest electric wheelchair dealer or order online.