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Yoga for Wheelchair User

Yoga for Wheelchair Users

Looking for Effective Yoga for Wheelchair Users?

Do you know yoga is an effective source that benefits the human body, mind, and soul to a great extent? With the help of yoga, an individual can avail numerous positive advantages like you can see a change with improved postures, enhanced strength, flexibility, confidence, mental focus, and good mood. Thus, people who use a wheelchair and looking for some effective exercise to stay fit and enhance their confidence can look at the below-given yoga poses which are specially designed for chair clients.

Different Yoga Poses for Wheelchair Users to Stay Fit and Enhance Body Strength

As per the yoga practices and reports of ancient Indian Vedic rituals, it is been sentenced that people have got lots of successful privileges by doing different postures while sitting in a wheelchair. The following yoga postures can be practiced in indoor as well as outdoor areas without facing any problems or injuries.

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How to do a Cat Pose on a Wheelchair?

At first, you need to seat properly and make yourself comfortable while sitting upright and placing your back and head to be completely in straight position. After this step, you need to sit in the center position of the wheelchair and place your hands on your lap. Now, try to breathe like inhale and exhale slowly through your nose. Cat pose is simple to start by exhaling breathe and spinning your back then try to bring your shoulders, face chin, and head near to your chest. The next step is to open your shoulders and inhale slowly while looking toward the top of your room. Cat pose is helpful in stretching your spine. Try to follow this yoga exercise at least three times and increase it at your convenience.

How to do a Forward Bend Pose on a Wheelchair?

Another proficient way of enhancing the body stretch including your spine and lower back part and helping to provoke your abdominal area is the “Forward Bend.” In this exercise, you need to start by taking a deep breath and placing yourself at the center of the wheelchair. Then, try to stretch your arms towards both of your sides the move them in the upward direction towards the top of the room. After this step, you need to bend your hands and waist in a downward direction. If you feel comfortable then try to continue the exercise while holding 3 to 5 breaths. 

How to do a Twist Yoga Pose on a Wheelchair?

With this yoga pose, you can help your body to enhance stretching. If you face pain in your lower back then this yoga pose can help you in relieving tension. The twist yoga pose is simple and tricky. The person who is sitting in a wheelchair needs to inhale breathe and bring their right hand towards their left leg. Then on the other side, try to exhale breathe, and look towards your left shoulder. At each position, try to hold the yoga pose for at least 3 to 5 breaths. If you feel good about the steps, then try to repeat them at least two times on each side of the body.

How to do an Eagle Pose on a Wheelchair?

Another effective exercise that helps to enhance the strength of your shoulders and back area is an eagle pose. Try to inhale breathe and lift your arms in front of you. Make your arms bent at 90 degrees so that the upper arms will be seen as parallel to the floor. In this position, your forearms will be seen toward the sky. After this step, you need to exhale breathe, and make your arms cross with each other. Always keep in mind to keep breathing and hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths. 

How to do Leg Stretching in a Wheelchair?

When you try to stretch your legs then it is a good sign to enhance the blood circulation in the body. Stretch your spine till the moment you feel comfortable then take a deep breath. Now, you need to exhale breathe, and try to move your hands behind your legs or if you are unable to reach then there is another way to bring it on the top of your shin. Another task is to bring your one knee in the upward direction near the chest.

Now, you must be aware of different yoga postures which can be done while sitting in a wheelchair. Thus, the above described yoga for wheelchair users should be done under the supervision of a physical therapist or doctor. Once you feel comfortable and good to work with these exercises, there will be a change in your health like improvement in mobility, increase strength, and positivity to live life freely and independently. 


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