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Esleh Rester Standing Electric Wheelchair

Electric standing structure: users can stand freely, take objects from high places and stretch muscles and bones, with rehabilitation function:

  • Can enhance the urinary system function and prevent urinary tract obstruction
  • Can prevent the occurrence of bedsores
  • Can reduce the occurrence of constipation
  • Can enhance the cardiopulmonary function
  • It can help to exercise the leg muscles and activate the muscles and bones
Name Parameter
Total Width 61 cm
Overall Height 107 cm
Seat Width 46 cm
Seat Depth 44 cm
The Seat is High Above the Ground 58 cm
Tread 52.5 cm
Back Height 48 cm
Front Wheel Diameter 20 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 32 cm
All up Weight 130 Kg
Climbing Degree 12°
Battery 38 AH
Endurance Mileage 25 Kms
Power of Motor 250Wx2
Speed per Hour 1 ~ 6 kms / hr (gb)
Controller PG Controller (inlet)
Net Weight 80.4 kg

Esleh Rester Wheelchair Performance and Structural Features:

Our product Esleh Rester is a multi-functional standing electric wheelchair. Its structural characteristics are as follows:

  • Frame: is formed by high quality steel, strong structure, good safety performance, surface color paint treatment, beautiful and durable.
  • Activity handrail: the rear folding armrest structure is convenient for users to transfer from the seat to other facilities.
  • Seat cushion: Cushion with breathable mesh cloth, containing high elastic cotton; cushion with nylon cloth cover; to ride comfortably.
  • PU armrest
  • Standing function:: standing Angle is 75 degrees, standing height changes.
  • Front wheel: 8-inch (200mm) air-free wheel, equipped with high-strength engineering plastic wheels, non-inflatable solid tires.
  • Rear wheel: 12-inch (320mm) wheels with aluminum alloy wheels and solid tires.
  • Anti-reverse wheel: with anti-reverse rear wheel to ensure the safety of the user when standing and uphill
  • Base frame: it can bear 120 KG.


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