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Esleh King Eider Standing Electric Wheelchair

Electric standing structure: users can stand freely, take objects from high places and stretch muscles and bones, with rehabilitation function:

  • Can enhance the urinary system function and prevent urinary tract obstruction
  • Can prevent the occurrence of bedsores
  • Can reduce the occurrence of constipation
  • Can enhance the cardiopulmonary function
  • It can help to exercise the leg muscles and activate the muscles and bones
Name Parameter
Total Width 65 cm
Overall Height 133 cm
Seat Width 43 cm
Seat Depth 46 cm
Package size (L * W * H / pcs) 116.5X70X84.8cm /1pcs ((Size of the packing box))
The Seat is High Above the Ground 56~69cm
The foot pedal is high from the ground 17 cm
Back Height 54 cm
Front Wheel Diameter 22.5 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 35 cm
Wheel base 43 cm
All up Weight 150 Kg
Climbing Degree 12°
Battery 55 AH
Endurance Mileage 22 Kms
Power of Motor 320Wx2
Speed per Hour 1 ~ 6 kms / hr (gb)
Controller PG Controller (inlet)
Net Weight 143 kg

Esleh King Eider Wheelchair Performance and Structural Features:

Our product Esleh Eider is a multi-functional standing electric wheelchair. Its structural characteristics are as follows:

  • Body structure: Build from high strength steel, the overall structure is solid and reliable, safe, high coefficient, surface spray black paint treatment, good weather resistance. Through the design of the flexible connection of the disc body, the independent middle-mounted double spring shock absorber, to provide the comfort and stability of the ride and long distance trek, the performance of driving obstacles is superior.
  • Base cushion: Using high breathable mesh cloth, cushion the inner core filled with high elastic EPE sea cotton, can effectively prevent the occurrence of bedsore, provide good long time use comfort
  • Backrest and headrest: The backrest Angle can be continuously adjusted from 95° -135°, for users of different heights to adjust in different use scenarios (moving, rest, reading, eating, turn over, get off…), strong adaptability, the back is equipped with a four-point seat belt. The headrest height can be adjusted with a lock wrench.
  • Handrest: using the rear folding armrest structure design, with good skin-friendly PU armrest pad, height 26-27cm adjustable. Can quickly fold and buckle lock, convenient for the user to sit between the shift.
  • Foot support:: Pedal and small leg support, increase leg support and restraint function.
  • Front wheel: 9 inches (225mm) configured with high-strength engineering plastic wheels, ultra-static polyurethane tires (widely used for indoor and outdoor floors like wood floor, cement, tile and more).
  • Rear wheel: 14-inch (350mm), configured with high strength engineering plastic wheels, ultra-static polyurethane tires (widely used for indoor and outdoor floors like wood floors, cement, tile and so on).
  • Anti-tilt auxiliary wheel: equipped with anti-tilt auxiliary rear wheel to ensure that the user can prevent tilt and tipping when standing and uphill.
  • Controller: Dynamic controller, only need to dial the lever control can realize forward, backward, left and right turn and turn, light control (turn, night light, warning), can continuously step less speed adjustment, display battery life and low power alarm function.
  • Electric push rod: only need to control the hand control board can achieve the back, legs, standing lifting.
  • Motor: 320W * 2, with hand / electric switching function, convenient power implementation.
  • Attitude control panel: through the panel can be the back rest pitch adjustment, seat height adjustment, foot lifting and lowering adjustment, standing and sitting posture adjustment.
  • Power storage system: 24V 55Ah, range of 20km. Long nondestructive charge and discharge cycle life (400 times), high safety factor.


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